Beyond the staff room

One of my first jobs during my teenage years was working at McDonalds - the “Golden Arches”; I ended up working there for almost five years. It wasn’t the... Read More

Everything you ever want

“It’s everything you ever want; everything you ever need; and it’s here right in front of you.” So sings P T Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman) in the... Read More

#Multiply Vancouver 2018

Multiply Vancouver is just a few weeks away now. If you don't know about Multiply or just haven't registered yet, be sure and go to and... Read More

Tangible Vancouver

Be sure to register and come out this Wednesday if you're in Vancouver to see Hugh Halter Wednesday Sept. 20th.  C2C is presenting "Tandgible" one day conference at... Read More

From Identity to Mission

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What would you say if someone told you it was God’s desire that you grow weaker in your preaching? Not poorer, less passionate, or careless; just weaker.  How would... Read More

Vancouver Multiply Conference

Multiply Conference in Vancouver begins this week February 8th and 9th at Westside church in downtown Vancouver.  If you haven't registered yet, be sure and get you and... Read More


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A call to lead leaders

“If I teach someone to preach better, that’s great because preaching is a great passion of mine; and yet, that only has impact on Sunday.  But if I teach... Read More


Maybe you’d call it a necessary evil, or maybe you’d just call it evil, but a wake-up call in a cozy, pitch black hotel room at 5:00 AM could be the only... Read More