The Solid Rock

A few days ago my world came to a standstill. The summer I was so looking forward to seemed to drain of all joy, excitement and peace. I found myself facing the possibility of... Read More

Finding Grace in Brokenness

These last few years I have found myself walking a road filled with doubt, fear, and even anger. Never before in my life have I questioned my faith, questioned why I follow... Read More

Being a Pastor's Wife

I thought that going into ministry, that being a 'Pastor's Wife' meant that I would have these longs chats over coffee with trusted friends, that together we would reach out... Read More

The Call to Community

Lately I have been mulling over the idea of community. Specifically, what does community look like in a local church setting with people you attend services with week after... Read More

Home for Christmas

Missing Christmas As I think of this Christmas season I am faced with the reality of a Christmas different from any other Christmas we've had. When I came to this northern... Read More