Too Polite?

Can pastors in Canada be too polite? Galatians 1:6-10, and passages like it, present a major problem for many Canadian pastors.  It’s not polite to talk like this:... Read More

"We're Leaving"

Well, it happened again. Not face to face. Not over the phone. But on Facebook, of all places.  “We have really prayed about this. The decision has not come easily,... Read More

Church Signs

I love the church. She is a beautiful bride and “the hope of the world,” as Bill Hybels is so fond of saying. She is key to personal and cultural transformation.... Read More

Restore Our Fortunes

Psalm 126 is known as a “community lament.”  We are not sure what event they are lamenting; the psalm does not tell us what particular crisis is in view. It... Read More

Illustrations in Preaching

"Ali Baba, in an old Arabian Nights tale, was fleeing for his life. Suddenly he was face to face with a dead end. Mammoth rock walls rose before him and on either side. His... Read More

Obstacles to Unity Among Pastors

University of Louisville psychologist Michael Cunningham recently did an extensive study of the most common complaints men and women have about each other. Here is what he... Read More

Rumour Has It

The pastor gets fired.  Rumours spread like an Alberta prairie grass fire in mid-August.  His family does not want to be seen in public.  Even though he has no... Read More

Preaching at Christmas

On December 23 my wife and I host a birthday party for Jesus.  We do it every year.  It has been a Leno Family tradition for more than 25 years. Every December, a... Read More