Vancouver Multiply Conference

Multiply Conference in Vancouver begins this week February 8th and 9th at Westside church in downtown Vancouver.  If you haven't registered yet, be sure and get you and... Read More


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A call to lead leaders

“If I teach someone to preach better, that’s great because preaching is a great passion of mine; and yet, that only has impact on Sunday.  But if I teach... Read More


Maybe you’d call it a necessary evil, or maybe you’d just call it evil, but a wake-up call in a cozy, pitch black hotel room at 5:00 AM could be the only... Read More

Costumes vs. Robes

So we come to that day today when many of our kids (and some of us too) will don costumes of many kinds and head out into the waning light in order to receive candy from our... Read More

Tell it like it is

   It's become a classic moment in cinematic history now when Col. Nathan Jessep (played by the inimitable Jack Nicholson in the film "A few good men") bellows out... Read More

Have this mind among you

Driving on a road trip, my daughter once asked, “Dad, I know driving a car is about steering and pushing those pedals down there.  But is there more to it than... Read More

Paths of Righteousness

    I don't know how it ever came to be that funerals ended up claiming primary ownership of Psalm 23.  There’s no question that the Psalm speaks peace... Read More

Grammar and Mistaken identity

One of my very favourite TV shows growing up was “Murder she wrote”, an Agatha Christie style drama starring Angela Lansbury.  If you watched that show too,... Read More

Preaching and Glass Cutting

    It’s not difficult in most evangelical churches today to get people to affirm that the bible is the word of God.  If you preach on inerrancy or divine... Read More