Is God Anti-Gay Conference 2016

Same Sex Attraction is the hot topic of the moment - and Christians, the church, and the Bible appear to be at radical odds with the modern attitudes towards it. The church... Read More

After Camp

I’m a big fan of camp ministry. My opportunities to speak at or be involved in camp ministry have been pretty limited, but as a pastor I have seen the fruit of camp... Read More

The Problem With Christianity: Interview

I recently sat down with Barton Priebe to discuss his new book The Problem With Christianity. You can get your copy at Read More

The Problem With Christianity

Grounded in the Gospel is excited to promote a new book by of one of our own bloggers, Barton Priebe, entitled The Problem With Christianity: Six Unsettling Questions You Have... Read More

Emotionalism & The Gospel

A friend described a meeting that we were both in. I thought the meeting was productive and successful, but when my friend described the same meeting to others he used over... Read More

Make Us Dangerous

“God, keep us safe.” How often is this our prayer? Every week our elders pray with people after our worship gathering and most of the prayer requests are along... Read More

Grounded's Best of 2014

Grounded in the Gospel is here to serve the Canadian church by encouraging pastors and leaders towards gospel-shaped ministry. It's been a big year for us, adding some great... Read More

Best Books of 2014

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Life and Doctrine

On Wednesday, Mark Driscoll resigned from his position at Mars Hill Church after nearly 20 years of leading the church he planted into one of the largest churches in the North... Read More

Under Authority

Last week there were two big news stories in the evangelical world that caught my eye. At first these two stories seem to be totally unrelated, but there actually is a... Read More