He Shall Return

It has been less than a week since the disastrous typhoon hit the Philippine regions of Samar and Leyte, along with other surrounding regions, and upon the millions effected... Read More

Men Of Steel Need Dads Too

The most anticipated film of the summer arrived this past Father’s Day weekend and was quite fitting as it had a major focus on the Fathers of Superman.  I would... Read More

A Gift For Graduating Students

From growing up until now, every Birthday and Christmas I always imagine the many great things that I would like to receive, alas the impressive images quickly fade as I rip... Read More

Who Will Save Us Now

In the city I live in, worship happens a lot.  Worshipping of nature, education, people, and now as we enter into the NHL playoffs, the worship of the Vancouver... Read More


This past weekend churches around the world celebrated Easter, and one of the ways they celebrated was by holding baptisms during their service(s).  The outward response... Read More

When Spiritually Tired

During a church staff day trip, the pastoral and support staff of our church was asked to share what God was doing in our lives.  After minutes of somewhat awkward... Read More

Three Lessons On Self From Aquaman

If given the choice between having the powers of any superhero, I’m guessing your first choice wouldn’t be Aquaman.  In fact, popular culture has a running... Read More


With the Oscars quickly approaching within the next month, we are given yet another chance to look at and judge Hollywood’s best stories of the past year.  There... Read More

Planning the New Year

If you are like me (and I know I am), I have a calendar for everything I do.  My family, ministry, youth activities, leaders and students Birthdays (thank you Facebook),... Read More

Why Doesn't Everyone Get Christmas?

The holidays as we know them, for they have longed ceased to be HOLY DAYS for many, tend to raise issues and controversies.  As can be witnessed on Christmas Specials on... Read More