Butterfly Porn

The Cardboard Conundrum “An intriguing entomological experiment shows that a male butterfly will ignore a living female butterfly of his own species in favor of a... Read More

Pioneers' Pianos

On The Trail Their worldly possessions piled high in mule-driven carts, pioneers traipsed over mountains, through valleys, across rivers, for a total of over three and a half... Read More

The Nature of [The] Light

Jesus Jesus is a difficult man to pin down, or should I say a difficult God to pin down? Exactly. Full of seeming contradictions, Jesus is difficult for us to comprehend; not... Read More

Logs, Sodom, and Evangelicals

Logs Everywhere We’re familiar with logs up here in the Pacific North West. They’re everywhere. We jump between them on our beaches; we see them floating on our... Read More

Vaccination On The Playground

The Playground I still remember the day I had my front tooth punched in. Playing soccer, I humiliated another boy with unsportsmanlike showboating. He took exception and... Read More

What Do Pastors Actually Do?

“Must Be A Nice Job... Just Working Sundays...” Every pastor's heard the joke, and most often we just laugh it off, but behind the joke lies the reality that many... Read More

Church Conflict

The Split One question many unbelievers ask Christians goes something like this, ‘how am I supposed to believe what you say is true, when you can’t even agree... Read More

Facebook Pastors

If you're reading this blog the chances are you were sent here from facebook. It's also likely that you noticed the link on a pastor's account. As a pastor a significant... Read More

Church Headhunting

Wrestling Headhunting is the process of identifying and approaching a suitable person employed elsewhere to fill a position. Often associated with top executive positions I've... Read More

Confess Before You're Caught

The Crack Smoking Mayor The news media has ensured that there are few people left in Canada who haven't heard about Rob Ford's crack-smoking exploits earlier this year.... Read More