Pioneers' Pianos

On The Trail Their worldly possessions piled high in mule-driven carts, pioneers traipsed over mountains, through valleys, across rivers, for a total of over three and a half... Read More

Why Renovating the Church is Essential

This blog post may not be what you think. We are having renovations in the basement of our church building. But the church isn’t a building, and so I’m not going... Read More

The Nature of [The] Light

Jesus Jesus is a difficult man to pin down, or should I say a difficult God to pin down? Exactly. Full of seeming contradictions, Jesus is difficult for us to comprehend; not... Read More

Far Away, So Close

transcendence beautifying immanence When you’re going through something difficult or scary in life, it’s the most natural thing in the world to want someone... Read More

Focusing on the One Big Thing in 2016

2015 is gone. 2016 has arrived like a freight train barreling forward. Time never stands still. Every minute that passes by means that we are closer to the return of Christ.... Read More

Costly Worship?

Have you ever started out on some project or endeavor, only to discover part ways in that it was actually going to be much more costly and time consuming than you had... Read More

Inside AND Out

Most of us by now – whether you have kids or not – have seen the new Disney/Pixar film Inside Out.  One of the general themes of that film included the... Read More

How To Handle Terror From the Pulpit

On Friday November 13th, we watched in horror as 127 people were murdered and another 180 were injured in brutal terror attacks that struck Paris. It was a surreal scene. It... Read More

Weaken Me For Your Service

When you’re faced with something that feels too big for you, what is one of the first prayers on your lips? Isn’t it, “God, give me strength!” or... Read More

5 Keys to Avoiding a Leadership Crisis

It happens in the blink of an eye. One day a pastor is doing meaningful and fruitful ministry within a growing local church. The next day he disappears. Death, moral failure,... Read More