The Church Won't Fail

         I am a pastor in a local church. I love the local church and I find an amazing amount of joy serving the church. The church is not perfect,... Read More

The Hollow Pastor

Above all, personal integrity is most important.  This observation has come on the heels of the Lance Armstrong scandal that led to the most successful cyclist be... Read More

My Sermon Notes: Steve Kroeker

As preachers, we not only study the text, but we need to study the art of preaching. It matters not only what we preach, but how we preach as well. It’s important that... Read More

When A Peter Looks Like A Judas

If you only looked at the externals, you might have thought Peter was headed the way of Judas. Both men followed Jesus for three years. Both were friends of Jesus who sold him... Read More

On Being Small: told by a youth pastor

The Atom is a DC comic book hero who has mostly been known for his ability to change the size of his body from normal to microscopic when needed.  So small that he could... Read More

Luther On Preaching

A discouraged preacher complained that preaching was a burden, his sermons were always short and he should have stayed in his former profession. Luther said to him: "If Peter... Read More

How Deep is Your Love

One of the phrases I never tire of hearing from my wife is; "I love you." What makes it so meaningful every time she says it to me is I believe her. My wife actually loves me... Read More

I am a Sheep

Sheep are not the most attractive or intimidating creatures on the planet. They are anything but. Their innocent demeanor and haphazard way about them don't demand that we... Read More

Why Grounded?

This week the cooling Vancouver weather and forecast for rain tells me that it really is fall now. To take our minds off the coming cloud, why not launch a website? ... Read More

It's All About Jesus

A little while ago I was at a funeral where they forgot to mention Jesus. Apparently, this fellow was in heaven with God now, and yet “Jesus” was not a relevant topic of... Read More