The Gift of Leadership: Part 1

What is Leadership?     Leadership, at its core, is influence. This is a popular definition[1] but, as it stands, it is deficient. Everyone has some degree of... Read More

The Gain of Pain

Suffering as preparation for ministry We’ve all heard the words and likely said them ourselves many times, “No pain, no gain.”  We get (or should... Read More

Remembrance Day & Reconciliation

“Lest we forget.” We saw those words in newspapers, blog posts, television programs, and other mediums in the last few weeks. We noticed small red poppies on the... Read More

Illustrations in Preaching

"Ali Baba, in an old Arabian Nights tale, was fleeing for his life. Suddenly he was face to face with a dead end. Mammoth rock walls rose before him and on either side. His... Read More

Empty Pockets, Full Hearts

Every once in a while the Lord, in his providence, grants us what I would call a transcendent conversation. I had one those this last week while in Northern India with my... Read More

Gender Reassignment

Could Gender Reassignment Surgery be the Lobotomy of the 21st Century? The New Civil Rights Frontier A mere year since the US Supreme Court’s support of Homosexual... Read More

Hero or Villain?

The Special Case of Brittany Maynard The debate surrounding physician-assisted suicide has touched a new generation. Terminally ill Brittany Maynard ended her life this week... Read More

What Is Biblical Relevancy?

This post is a continuation of a series on Relevance in Ministry begun in May. The previous two articles can be found here and here. Reading them first may be helpful in... Read More

Finding Grace in Brokenness

These last few years I have found myself walking a road filled with doubt, fear, and even anger. Never before in my life have I questioned my faith, questioned why I follow... Read More

The Preacher's Heart Before Sermon Prep

“We have emphasized sermon preparation until we have lost sight of the important thing to be prepared - the heart. A prepared heart is much better than a prepared... Read More