Grounded in the Gospel started with six friends who wanted to encourage and resource other Canadian pastors for gospel-centered ministry in Canada. By God's grace it has grown into a larger network of Canadian pastors and leaders.

Church ministry in Canada is tough. There is much that stands against us. Most of the resources available to us are by Americans for Americans. And while we can benefit greatly by learning from our neighbours, Canada faces its own unique challenges and opportunities. Our vision is for Canadian pastors to equip and encourage other Canadian pastors and church leaders into more faithful and effective gospel ministry in Canada.

We know the work can be difficult at times. The Apostle Paul acknowledged a certain daily pressure and anxiety that can come from serving Christ's church (2 Cor. 11:28). Leaders understand and carry this burden. They do not give up on the church, they work hard at building it. In doing this work, we all need the encouragement, inspiration, and advice. Together, we lean on the experience of one another. 

Theologically, we find ourselves aligned with the confessional statement of the Gospel Coalition. Risking the baggage that comes with labels, we would identify ourselves as Reformed in soteriology, Complementarian in gender roles, and missional in ministry. At the heart of it all, we are Canadian pastors who love Jesus, love the church and love the nation of Canada. 

Our desire to see our great nation transformed by faithful churches who put down deep roots that are Grounded In The Gospel.