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Christian Family Blogs

A Christian blog is an amazing platform for sharing your faith with a wide audience. These blogs have a wide variety of content on Christian living & lifestyle, bible studies, salvation & faith and godly relationships.

A blog should have a contact page and privacy policy. This will allow readers to reach out to you quickly if they have any questions or concerns.

A Virtuous Woman

Whether she avoids inappropriate things, eats the Daniel diet or spends countless hours reading and praying her efforts at being virtuous will never outweigh what Jesus did for her. It’s His work that brings God pleasure.

Her words are laced with kindness. Wise Godly instruction coupled with mercy and compassion, she speaks to her Husband and children with a strength and dignity that inspires them.

She works hard for her Family. She also takes time to Minister to those who are in need. She has a hospitable spirit that is eager to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of others.

She fears the Lord. This fear gives her wisdom and goodness. She knows that eternity matters more than life here on Earth and she cares about her Marriage and Family’s eternal well-being. She understands that sloth causes poverty in relationships and finances, while diligence enriches them. She focuses on her responsibilities and is not afraid to be busy.

Club 31 Women

Whether you’re struggling to get your husband to respect you or want to learn how to read The Bible more consistently, Club 31 Women has plenty of Biblical encouragement for wives and mothers. Sheila Jacobson has written many books encouraging Christian marriages and her blog is a great extension of her work.

She addresses topics like homemaking, parenting, and faith with a healthy mix of humour and wisdom. This top mommy blogger is an inspiration to parents who strive to cultivate meaningful relationships with their children.

Natasha Crain is a single mom who works at a state psychiatric hospital and manages to keep her life together while raising three kids. Her Christian family blog inspires readers to live intentionally and find meaning in the everyday. She also helps them answer their children’s questions about faith with Biblical wisdom. She is a must-read!

Hands Free Mama

When it comes to building a healthy and loving family, the right guidance and encouragement can make all the difference. From practical parenting tips to heartfelt devotionals, these Christian family blogs offer a wealth of wisdom and inspiration.

Hands Free Mama is a blog that promotes intentional living and letting go of distractions to focus on what matters most. Written by Rachel Macy Stafford, a New York Times bestselling author and certified special education teacher, the site offers practical advice and spiritual encouragement for women.

Moms of Boys is a blog that provides resources, stories, and community for moms who raise sons. With a focus on biblical parenting and understanding boys’ unique needs, the blog equips parents with tools to nurture faith in their children.

We are THAT Family

With so many things competing for our time, it can be challenging to nurture a Christian lifestyle and grow our faith as a family. Thankfully, there are many resources and encouragement to help us along our journey. From parenting tips to heartfelt devotionals, these christian family blogs offer wisdom and inspiration to uplift our spirits and strengthen our relationship with God.

We are THAT Family is a family blog that encourages people to live authentically and embrace imperfection. Through a mix of humour and inspiration, the blog inspires readers to be present in their lives and cultivate meaningful relationships with their families. Raising Godly Kids is a christian family blog dedicated to equipping parents with resources and guidance for raising children in the faith. From discipline strategies to teaching moments, the blog provides advice and encouragement for parents of boys. From homemaking advice to spiritual growth, Club 31 Women is a valuable resource for Christian women.

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