Guidance and Inspiration for Christian Parents

Christian Parenting Blogs

Christian parenting blogs offer guidance, inspiration and support. From frugal living tips to spiritual encouragement, these blogs offer practical advice for raising a godly family.

Embracing a Simpler Life is a blog that promotes minimalism and intentional living. With helpful tips for decluttering, this blog provides families with tools to create a more peaceful and content home.

Hands Free Mama

Hands Free Mama features an engaging and inspiring story about one mom’s struggle with technology and overly-full schedules. Rachel Macy Stafford realized that her addiction to her smartphone and her pursuit of perfection were preventing her from living a fulfilling life with her family. In this book, she outlines strategies for overcoming daily distractions and focusing on what really matters. The author’s approach is simple and practical, addressing real-life challenges that everyone can relate to. This is a must-read for every parent who wishes to linger in life’s sweet moments with their children, for busy adults who feel overwhelmed by the demands of work and home, and for anyone longing to break free from the grip of digital distraction. Available in trade paperback and NOOK Book.

We are THAT Family

If you are looking for a Christian parenting blog that is filled with encouragement and wisdom, check out We Are THAT Family. This blog has resources and activities to help you pass down your faith to your children, including a Spiritual Discipleship Plan for Families and a Family Legacy Day.

Becky Thompson’s blog has a unique style that inspires audiences. She encourages moms to embrace their imperfectness and live a simple life. She also hosts a prayer every night that her readers can join in.

Club 31 Women is another popular Christian parenting blog that features devotionals and encouraging stories. Their articles cover topics like marriage, motherhood, and spiritual growth. They also offer practical tips and advice for navigating difficult situations. Embrace simplicity and intentional living with this Christian mom blog.

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